How to trust an ICO (Cryptocurrency)? The ways that we can trust an ICO?

RapidVPN/ November 16, 2017/ Blog/

Cryptocurrencies are all the range in the modern world. You can use it to tip a content creator, buy goods and services on e-commerce sites, as well as pay for a pizza. Since 2009 when Bitcoin came into the limelight, other cryptocurrencies have surfaced and though Bitcoin remains the most popular. With cryptocurrency startups finding it hard to get funding

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Information Security in 2018

RapidVPN/ November 9, 2017/ Blog/

Information and growth are intertwined as business become more reliant on the benefits of the cyber world. Security of information is an essential part of corporate operations, but sadly, most companies are lagging behind in drafting and implementing strategies needed to secure their data. For companies to compete favorably in the modern business environment, the leaders must take measures to

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Data Protection: Past, Present, Future

RapidVPN/ November 5, 2017/ Blog/

Data is at the center stage of business innovation, and corporates need to protect their information at all costs. If your competitors were to get their hands on your customer data or information on your next product and service, they would use it to get rid of you. However, information security has come a long way and companies are now

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4 Recent Threats to Your Mobile Device That You Need To Know

RapidVPN/ November 2, 2017/ Blog/

When the apps and system on your device start behaving strangely or there is unexplained data usage, then your device has been compromised. In a recent study, less than 40% of the population with smart mobile devices secures their mobile devices, and the remaining 60% is a cyber attacker’s wet dream. Here are four recent threats to your mobile device

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Effective Ways to Avoid IP Spoofing

RapidVPN/ October 26, 2017/ Blog/

Malicious hackers are continually looking for ways to steal information from computers and spoofing is one of them. Statistically, over 99% of the businesses and individuals in the world have an email address, and at least 75% use theirs daily. IP Spoofing This is a mechanism used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized entry into a system, and they can do

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How to Test a Phishing Link without Clicking on It

RapidVPN/ October 19, 2017/ Blog/

The incidents of phishing attacks are not just increasing but also evolving. According to Barkly, the number of spam emails with phishing links increased from 2015 to 2016 by 4 times. It is also estimated that more than half of all emails that are sent are spam and most of them contain malicious attachments and links. There is a need

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4 Secrets on How Mobile Apps Compromise Privacy by Exposing Personal Information

RapidVPN/ October 15, 2017/ Blog/

We all love mobile applications as they allow us to connect with people as well as access information more conveniently and faster than before. Most of the brands also have mobile apps that clients can download and use to not only contact the customer care team but also place orders. Before you download an app, you need to consider your

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5 Security Terms Explained

RapidVPN/ October 11, 2017/ Blog/

In this modern age, it cybersecurity is of much importance as much as the security of your house, car, or your other property. Over 90% of the world’s population with a cyber identity is at the risk of facing at least one security concern given that they have at least one device they use to connect to the internet with

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4 Signs That You Might Have Been Hacked

RapidVPN/ October 8, 2017/ Blog/

Presently, anti-malware programs do little to avoid being hacked. The programs will flag and prevent known malware and ransom programs, but this is not enough to stop malicious hackers from getting access to your devices. They only need to change a byte in their malware, and your anti-malware programs will not be able to flag it down. Hackers like to

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Worst Countries to Download Torrents in

RapidVPN/ October 5, 2017/ Blog/

The digital platform has increased the appetite for on-demand content, in particular among the youth. There is an increase in the number of countries trying to stem digital piracy; however, despite the efforts to deal with this epidemic, many people are finding new ways of circumnavigating the laws in place. This has not dampened the efforts of countries around the

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