How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Your Website

RapidVPN/ August 4, 2018/ Blog/

SSL certificate has now become an essential factor for websites to ranking on Google according to a recent announcement made by Google. This development has, however, forced several webmasters and site owners to find all means to install SSL certificate on their website. Meanwhile, many website owners have not installed it on their websites due to the cost of getting

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How is AI helping cybersecurity?

RapidVPN/ July 27, 2018/ Blog/

Cybersecurity is highly crucial to the experience of the cyber community, organizations, businesses, and individuals, and the health of the cyberspace. And staying in a defensive position against cyber-attacks requires some facilities and capable manpower. As a result, stakeholders need to prepare for possible attacks and threats and be able to prevent them or limit the impact of any attacks.

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How Safe Are Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices?

RapidVPN/ July 14, 2018/ Blog/

Technology continues to deliver the best it has to offer in all areas of human endeavors. Its advancement is felt in the field of smart homes that witness the invention of the automatic door lock, vied doorbells, and other automation as introduced by Amazon Echo and Google Home. Amazon Echo and Google Home are virtual personal assistants that carry out

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Best Free Password Managers of 2018 So Far

RapidVPN/ July 7, 2018/ Blog/

Nothing is as frustrating as forgetting one’s password. And when you sign up on several websites, it becomes somehow tricky. And considering the risk that relates to writing out passwords in diaries, finding an electronic means of saving and managing passwords becomes imperative. Over the years, there have been needs to create and use long, dynamic, and complex password due

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Chrome Vs. Microsoft Edge

RapidVPN/ June 30, 2018/ Blog/

Browsers are crucial to the online experience of any user.  Several browsers are being developed, with different types of optimizations to out-perform the existing brewers.  However, it is good to know that all brewers offer different experiences, although some browsers are supposed to be redeveloped. After Internet Explorer lost it position and dominance, Chrome has held about 60% market share

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4 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

RapidVPN/ June 23, 2018/ Blog/

The importance of creating a strong password cannot be overemphasized. Quite a lot of people make the mistake of using their names or nicknames with their birth year as a password. However, their accounts become vulnerable when hackers try to conjure possible passwords. However, to make a strong password, consider the following tips: Avoid using Common Passwords Most people make

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Stay Safe While Installing Firefox Browser Extensions

RapidVPN/ June 16, 2018/ Blog/

Browser extensions unarguably enhance user browsing experience and give users flexibility and control over the content review online, these browser extensions or add-ons, as they are known, offer versatility and several benefits. Regardless of their benefits to users, the safety of these Firefox browser extensions is food for thought. Usually, before you install Firefox browsers extensions, you would be required

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Security Tools To Have On Your Windows In 2018

RapidVPN/ June 9, 2018/ Blog/

There are many areas that users of MS Windows might want to troubleshoot. These areas include security concerns, networking, even critical performance analysis. Security concerns are on the rise, and are of particular interest to software developers. Many of these security troubleshooting tools are either very cheap or open source.   The Need For An Antivirus Malware and ransomware have

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Privacy Coins: What Are They?

RapidVPN/ June 2, 2018/ Blog/

Privacy coins are currencies that implement full functionality to hide the identity of the people making transactions. Privacy coins are renowned for their full privacy feature. While Bitcoin encrypted the wallet Id, the amount of Bitcoin being transacted and balance are laid bare before all eyes. As a result, privacy coins are designed to protect legitimate users who do not

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Most Secure Browsers in 2018

RapidVPN/ May 26, 2018/ Blog/

Browsers are an indispensable part of your online experience; in that, they come to mind first whenever you need to connect to the internet. They offer a platform to access the internet world and several things that connect to them. As a result of the dependence and reliance on them, they are crucial to our online privacy and anonymity. Besides,

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