Monthly Archives: September 2017

Challenges of Using Cryptocurrency

RapidVPN/ September 17, 2017/ Blog/

Cryptocurrencies are yet to take over the finance world yet, but they are on the way though. More people are appreciating this new form of currency and continue to invest in it. Governments have also embraced them and this is a clear sign that bitcoins and other popular digital currencies will change the world someday. Today, we look at the

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Connected Home Devices; what are the Risks

RapidVPN/ September 14, 2017/ Blog/

Connected home devices are quickly gaining traction across the globe thanks to Internet of Things technology. You can now direct a coffee machine to prepare a cup of coffee for you using your smartphone. There are a dozen of different home devices that you can invest in and connect to the internet to make your home smart. However, there are

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How to Make MacOS More Secure?

RapidVPN/ September 9, 2017/ Blog/

MacOS used to be thought to be immune to all security threats such as spyware, malware, and adware. However, research has shown that there is new malicious software that can actually circumvent the firewalls and compromise the privacy of the user. Today, we look at four ways of making your MacOS more secure. Consider Disabling Automatic Login The first thing

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Most Reliable Cryptocurrency Wallets

RapidVPN/ September 2, 2017/ Blog/

Cryptocurrencies continue to change the financial industry and provides excellent opportunities for investors who are interested in this modern currency. Bitcoins are among the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world but there are other options out there that you can invest in. To get maximum returns, it is imperative to make sure that your cryptocurrency is safe and secure. Today,

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