What happened to IPv6

RapidVPN/ March 21, 2017/ Blog/

Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) is a data communication protocol that is used to transfer data across different networks. Unlike other similar technologies, this one has connectionless protocol that relies on the packet switched layer networks like Ethernet. It is possible to leverage this kind of connection by using either manual or automatic configuration. The type of network you intend

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Bitcoin: Offline vs. Online wallet

RapidVPN/ March 14, 2017/ Blog/

For people who have not used cryptocurrencies before, the first thing that you need to familiarize yourself with after choosing bitcoins is the types of wallets available. Just like the physical wallet, the bitcoins wallet allows you to store the currency safely. You can spend the bitcoins by sending them using the randomly generated bitcoin addresses. The wallet can hold

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Internet Scams of 2017

RapidVPN/ March 11, 2017/ Blog/

We are barely through the first quarter of 2017, but already a significant number of internet scams have already being recorded. Cyber criminals have devised new ways of stealing money and personal information from a sea of unsuspecting internet users from all across the globe. Nobody is immune to these threats; you just have to careful about the how you

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What is Tor and why should you be careful with it

RapidVPN/ March 7, 2017/ Blog/

The internet has brought into fore the issues of privacy and security of personal data. From hackers, companies, and governments, the threat of tracking and stealing personal information is real.  Unseen eyes are everywhere.   According to Digital trends, Tor is software that facilitates the user to browse the Web anonymously. Tor uses a method called onion routing to hide

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Which is the best web browser for me?

RapidVPN/ March 2, 2017/ Blog/

We are living in the golden age of web browsers where users are spoiled for choice. From Edge, Mozilla, Chrome and others you cannot go wrong with these popular browsers, but few things give each a competitive edge.   Google Chrome According to techradar, Google has a cross-platform use, incredibly stable and has an excellent aesthetic look that takes up

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What are the security concerns of the year 2017?

RapidVPN/ February 26, 2017/ Blog/

2016 was the year when the cases of cyber crimes such as the hacking of private information always became prominent. This year, security experts expect the cases to surge upwards as hackers come up with new innovate ways of carrying out their malicious attacks. Here are some of the security concerns that you can expect in 2017 as per an

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Top 5 Chrome Browser Security Plugins

RapidVPN/ February 23, 2017/ Blog/

Google Chrome is no doubt one of the most popular browsers in the world today. The increase in cyber-crimes calls for one to be vigilant when browsing. Cyber criminals have worked smart to come up with new ways of collecting personal information from unsuspecting Internet users as well as installing malware on their devices. Luckily, Google Chrome team has developed

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How to Legally Download Torrents

RapidVPN/ February 19, 2017/ Blog/

Piracy is not only the infringement of copyrights but also illegal. A massive number of torrent users download huge amounts of legal and illicit information on the Internet. Torrenting which uses the BitTorrent protocol is not in itself unsafe or unlawful. It only offers the means to share files.   There are plenty of legal grounds to torrent, and the

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The battle between Android and iOS (Security)

RapidVPN/ February 15, 2017/ Blog/

When compared with the unpredictable wilderness that is Android platform, the safety of Apple’s ‘walled garden’ may convince you that your expensive iOS device is protected from malware attacks and bugs. However, mounting evidence indicates that mobile threats are increasingly attacking both sides. Here we compare the security battle of the two platforms.   Android Vs iOS With over 80%

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The battle between Android and iOS (Affordability and Apps)

RapidVPN/ February 12, 2017/ Blog/

When you want to buy a new smartphone, you will realize how complicated that may be. The choices in the market may be more confusing than helpful to someone who does not have a clear picture of the type of device he/she needs. Here, we compare and identify a winner between Android and iOS concerning affordability and applications.   Affordability

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